1000 C.E. to 1776 C.E.

1000 -- Approximate founding of Yezidi cult by Sufi Sheikh Adi in Iraq. Abode of Learning active in Cairo. Spread of Cathari Manicheism throughout Europe. Leif Ericson explores North America.

1034 to 1124 -- Life of Hasan-e Sabbah, founder of the Assassins of Persia. Member of the Ismaili sect, Hasan seized fortress of Alamut in Daylam in 1090; split with Fatimid dynasty in 1094; Assassins flourished for next several centuries.

1050 -- Approximate date of founding of the Order of Hospitallers in Jerusalem.

1058 -- Member of the Abode of Learning sect gains temporary control of Bagdad.

1092 -- Assassins murder Persian minister Nizam al-Mulk.

1095 -- First Crusade.

1100 -- Approximate date Sufi Gilani founds Arabic school of Illuminati, Kadiri Order of Sebil-el-ward, in Bagdad. Assassins infiltrate Thug cult of India. Bogomil leader Basil burned in Constantinople. Albigensian Cathari sect flourishes near Albi, France. Avengers and Beati Paoli active in Italy. Joachim of Floris founds primitive Christian sect, Illuminated Ones. Robin Hood active in England.

1119 -- Knights Templar founded in Palestine.

1123 -- Abode of Learning suppressed by Turkish Vizier Afdal.

1140 -- Rapid growth of Cathari sect begins.

1149 -- First Cathari bishop established.

1162 to 1227 -- Life of Genghis Khan, conquerer of China and Russia, invader of Europe and Islamic Empire, destroyer of Assassin power. Approximate beginnings of the wandering of the Gypsies of North India.

1167 -- Cathari council near Toulouse.

1170 -- Assassination of Thomas a Becket.

1171 -- Last Fatimid caliph dies.

1176 -- Peter Waldo founds the Poor Men of Lyons. Sultan Saladin invades Assassin territory, gains truce.

1184 -- Waldenses excommunicated, suppressed.

1200 to 1300 -- House of Wisdom in Cairo, roots of the Afghan Roshaniya. Origin of the Mafia in Sicily.

1208 -- Albigensian Crusade begins suppression of Cathari heresy.

1212 -- The Children's Crusade. Genghis Khan invades China.

1233 -- Founding of the Inquisition to suppress Cathari and other heresies.

1235 to 1315 -- Life of Dr. Illuminatus, Ramon Llull (Raymond Lully) in Spain.

1241 -- Mongols invade Europe through wise use of intelligence information and strategy, introduce gunpowder from Asia.

1244 -- Massacre of Cathari at Montsegur, France.

1250s -- Approximate beginning of Holy Vehm in Westphalia. Approximate time of Hulagu Khan's defeat of the Assassins.

1254 to 1324 (?) -- Life of Marco Polo, early European traveler in China, Persia.

1258 -- Hulagu Khan destroys Bagdad; Mongols destroy Mesopotamia, the mother of civilization.

1260 -- Mongol invasion of Islamic Empire turned back.

1270s -- Cathari hierarchy fades.

1275 -- Assembly of traveling mason guilds in Frankfort. Zohar, second book of the cabala, compiled by Moses de Leon in Spain.

1280 -- Roger Bacon, deviser of early eyeglasses, independently invents gunpowder.

1291 -- Hospitallers retreat to Cyprus.

1300 -- White Lotus Society founded in China. Inquisition begins suppression of witches and other pagan groups.

1307 -- Philip IV of France suppresses Knights Templar for witchcraft and heresies; Jacques de Molay imprisoned in the Temple in Paris.

1308 -- Assassination of Holy Roman Emperor Albert I.

1309 -- Hospitallers acquire the isle of Rhodes.

1313 -- Knights Templar dissolved by papal decree.

1314 -- De Molay and others burned in Paris.

1327 -- Assassination of King Edward II in England.

1329 -- First appearance of the Tarot in Germany.

1360 -- Approximate date of the earliest known Satanic cults; black masses celebrated in France.

1369 -- Timurlane becomes Great Khan.

1375 -- Another assembly of traveling mason guilds in Frankfort.

1379 to 1482 -- Alleged life of Christian Rosenkreuz, fictitious founder of Rosicrucianism.

1390 -- Gypsies begin to appear in Europe.

1400s -- Cathari sect dies out. Concave lenses developed.

1404 -- King Robert revises code of Holy Vehm.

1410 -- Secret society formed in Italy which eventually joins with Rosicrucianism.

1437 -- Assassination of King James I of Scotland.

1456 -- Gutenberg Bible begins modern printing.

1458 -- Abramelin's Book of Sacred Magic translated from Hebrew to french according to followers of the cult of the Guardian Angel.

1471 -- Assassination of King Henry VI of England.

1472 -- University of Ingolstadt founded. Fernando Poo discovers Fernando Poo.

1483 -- Assassination of King Edward V of England.

1492 -- Rodrigo Borgia, head of the powerful Borgia family, becomes Pope Alexander VI. Columbus sails the ocean blue.

1493 to 1541 -- Life of Paracelsus, possible founder of Roscrucianism; discover of zinc around 1530; model of the Faust legend.

1500 -- Approximate date of Roshaiya, Illuminated Ones, in Afganistan. Beginning of Alumbrados in Spain and Charcoal- Burners in Scotland. Cesare Borgia has his brother-in-law assassinated.

1502 -- Cesare Borgia arrests and executes enemies who have conspired against him.

1503 to 1566 -- Life of Nostradamus, visionary prophet.

1507 -- Fra Dolcino's version of Joachim's Illuminism suppressed by the Bishop of Vercueil.

1510 -- Beginning of systematic importation of African slaves into the West Indies.

1513 -- Machiavelli's The Prince published.

1519 -- Spanish conquest of Mexico, enslavement of Amerindians.

1522 -- Hospitallers lose Rhodes to the Turks.

1530 -- Hospitallers given Isle of Malta by Charles V, become Knights of Malta.

1537 -- Assassination of Alessandro de Medici, Duke of Florence.

1568 -- First Inquisition edict against the Alumbrados.

1574 -- Second edict against Alumbrados.

1575 -- Approximate date of founding of British Intelligence services.

1575 to 1624 -- Life of Jakob Bohme, visionary mystic, illuminated one.

1584 -- Assassination of William I of Orange in England.

1587 -- English colony established at Roanoke Island, Virginia; no trace of the "lost colony" was found when supply ships returned three years later.

1589 -- Assassination of King Henry III of France.

1590 -- Janssen makes first compound microscope in Europe.

1597 -- Anonymous alchemist seeks to start Rosicrucian-like society in Europe.

1605 -- Rosicrucian constitution published.

1607 -- Italian secrect society headed by Count Bernard of Germany merges with Rosicrucianism. First permanent English settlement in America, Jamestown, Virgina.

1608 -- Apprentice to Dutch spectacle-maker Lippershey discovers principle of focusing lenses; Lippershey builds first telescope.

1609 -- Galileo independently builds telescope, begins study of astonomy. Spanish settlement at Santa Fe, New Mexico, founded.

1610 -- Assassination of King Henty IV of France.

1614 -- Fama Fraternitatis published, fictional story of Rosenkreuz by Johann Valentin Andrea.

1619 -- First slave ship in America, Jamestown, Virginia.

1620 -- Plymouth Colony, second English settlement, arrives on Mayflower.

1622 -- Posters appear in Paris warning that the Rosicrucians are "amongst you...visibly and invisibly."

1623 -- Final papal edict against Alumbrados; Guerinets appear in France. First submarine built by Cornelius van Drebbel in England.

1638 -- Milton meets Galileo.

1640 -- Beginning of subliminal persuasion when Rembrandt imbeds the word "sex" in a painting.

1642 -- Civil War in England between King Charles and Parliament.

1646 -- Earliest known Masonic Lodge to allow non-professional or "free" masons, in Warrington, England.

1647 -- Alleged correspondence between Cromwell and Ebeneezer Pratt plotting the overthrow of King Charles.

1649 -- King Charles convicted and beheaded by Parliament.

1654 -- Illuminated Guerinets come to public notice in France.

1667 -- Milton's Paradise Lost published.

1675 -- Leeuwenhoek discovers "animalcules" through the microscope.

1676 -- Sperm discovered by Leeuwenhoek's student Ham.

1680 -- Madame Le Voisin, innovator of modern Satanism, executed in Paris.

1682 -- Tamanend, sachem and chief of the Lenni-Lenape tribe, welcomes William Penn to America, traditionally considered the beginning of the Tammany Society.

1689 -- William III of Orange becomes king of England, allegedly through the plotting of the Illuminati.

1694 -- Bank of England founded.

1700 -- Quietism of Fenelon and others.

1701 -- Earliest record of "operative" or professional Masonic Lodge in Alnwick, England.

1702 -- First daily newspaper in England.

1717 -- Founding of modern Freemasonry with the Grand Lodge of London by Desaguliers. Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille.

1721 -- British King George I cracks down on the flourishing Hell Fire Clubs, popular Satanistic cults.

1723 -- Anderson's Constitutions of the Freemasons published. Ebrietatis Enconium and other early anti-Masonic works published.

1724 -- Publication of the anti-Masonic Grand Mysteries of the Freemasons Discovered.

1731 -- Benjamin Franklin initiated into Freemasonry.

1734 -- Franklin elected Grand Master of Pennsylvania.

1736 -- Death of the last leader of the Afghan Illuminated Ones.

1749 -- Rousseau's spontaneous "enlightenment" launches the Romantic Movement.

1750 -- Hell Fire Clubs continue to flourish in Dublin and London. Fictional alchemist Joseph Curwen writes letter stating "I laste Nighte strucke on ye Wordes that bringe up Yooge-Sothothe," perhaps the real power behind the Illuminati.

1754 -- Six year old Adam Weishaupt is orphaned and goes to live with the Jesuits.

1757 -- First year of Swedenborg's "New Era."

1759 -- Voltaire's Candide published.

1760 -- St. Germain founds chemical dye factory in Holland, fore- runner of I.G. Farben; disappears with 100,000 guilders. Franklin invents bifocals.

1761 -- St. Germain discovered living in Russia. Chinese Emporer issues edict against secret societies.

1762 -- Illumines of France founded. Sandwich invented.

1763 -- Swedenborg's Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem published.

1764 -- Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary published; he begins a prodigious attack on dogmas of church and state.

1765 -- British Stamp Act imposed to help pay for the French and Indian War debt. Sons of Liberty clubs formed to resist the tax.

1767 -- Townshend Revenue Act, another British tax on the colonies. Kunta Kinte kidnapped into American slavery.

1768 -- Virginia's legislature dissolved for its opposition to the Townshend Act. Weishaupt graduates from the University of Ingolstadt, becomes tutor and catechist. Macfarguhar, Ball and Smelie begin compiling the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Mesmer commissions 12 year old Mozart's first opera, Bastien and Bastienne.

1770 -- Boston Massacre: British troops fire into a crowd. Townshend Act repealed.

1771 -- Encyclopaedia Britannica published.

1772 -- Weishaupt becomes professor at University of Ingolstadt.

1773 -- British Tea Tax on colonies. Boston Tea Party in protest. Weishaupt marries. Alleged meeting of Meyer Rothschild and others to plan a world revolution. Suppression of the Jesuits. Franklin's Rule by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One published.

1774 -- Britain's "Intolerable Acts" designed to punish rebellious colonies. First Continental Congress. Washington begins training troops. Louis XVI becomes king of France. Casanova becomes secret agent for the Inquisitors of Venice. Catherine II shuts down satiric journals in Russia. Jefferson's Summary View of the Rights of British Americans published.

1775 -- Second Continental Congress authorizes naval warships, sets up secret committee to procure weapons, names Washington commander-in-chief of the new American Army. George III proclaims America in open rebellion. Initial battles of the Revolutionary War: Lexington, Bunker Hill, Toconderoga. Bushnell's first experimental submarine and torpedo tested. Prince Hall lodges (for blacks) chartered by Grand Lodge of London, rejected by American lodges.

1776 -- Illuminati founded by Weishaupt. American Declaration of Independence, written by Jefferson, adopted by Continental Congress. Battles of Long Island, White Plains and Trenton. Nathan Hale executed as spy by British. Franklin becomes ambassador to France, is affiliated with French Masonic lodges. Opening of Freemasons' Hall, permanent headquarters of English Masonry. Cagliostro initiated into Masonry. Saigon captured by Tay Son brothers. Aaron Burr serves as assistant to Benedict Arnold. Thomas Paine's Common Sense and The Crisis widely read. Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations published.


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